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Design Thinking for HR? What's the buzz all about?

There's a new approach to designing the employee experience - its called human centered design.

Companies like Airbnb, Adobe, Pixar, and Shopify have been using a design thinking approach to create culture that scales and is loved by employees.

Bring your organization into the 21st century and re-imagine your role in workplace culture.

Grab some sticky notes, this is gonna be fun...

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What if solving workplace culture problems was ridiculously fun?

Our workshops on Employee Experience Journey Mapping is where you learn a strategic, research-backed framework to combat your organization’s most pressing culture challenges, with a twist... 

...Because if we're building a *better future* of work - shouldn't we have fun on our journey there? I think so. 

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Remote teams can innovate, too.

You’re designing solutions to messy problems, and sometimes you feel stuck. You wish you had someplace you could go to troubleshoot, learn and share ideas with people who understand... But you’re not sure where to look. 

The Workplace Lab is the team of peers you've been looking for. 

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Hey there! I'm Vanessa Shaw...  

The sticky-note obsessed Founder of Human Side of Tech!

Here's two things to know about me:

1) I'm a bit of a rebel and I think that's a more fun way to live life. 

2) Designing better workplace experiences with sticky notes (preferrably the neon ones) is what brings me joy. 

My story of working in workplace culture isn't your usual one. Let's just say I had a lot of 'W-T-F am I doing?' moments.

"Design thinking helps me showcase what our HR department does and how essential it is for the company.”  

Cici Simon

Culture Manager at ChaiOne

"Vanessa shares great insights and her expertise around how building community and culture are invaluable to professionals in all roles, especially those in office and people operations."

Eleanor Whitney

All Hands magazine / Managed by Q

More than 80% of business leaders surveyed report that their teams were more aligned, focused and productive — and 37% cited higher employee productivity through design thinking. 


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