Hi, I’m Vanessa Shaw

Notoriously known as the Sticky-Note Obsessed Founder

I LOVE building career-changing opportunities for People & Talent leaders taking you from putting out fires on the daily to ➡️ strategic Human-Centered Leader.

I’ve found that the work of People & Talent leaders is too often undervalued and overlooked… and I’m determined to change that. Allow me to tell you a bit about the methods that I have seen transform organizations and careers!

Through human-centered problem solving & design thinking methods, I help you be recognized for the skills you are innately good at:


Get to know me with these 6 quick snapshots:
I didn’t know “getting lost” would turn into my superpower…

Back then, I felt my contributions in the workplace didn’t match my expectations. No matter how many ideas I gave, no one would buy-in. So, when the startup I worked for went under, I decided to take a leap and see what kind of career was possible…

When all my friends were sticking with a steady job, I set off to see if I could have the dream life and career I wanted. And after moving to 4 different cities working across 3 different sectors, it started to feel like they might be right…

Despite convincing myself I was doing what I valued, I felt lost… the multiple career changes… lots of relocations…

It didn’t feel like things were coming together or going to work out as I had hoped.

But casually in a conversation, a friend mentioned to me the concept of “design thinking” and “creative problem-solving.” Sounded just like something I’d enjoy. So, I did what anyone would do and spent the better part of that evening on google. And I learned that Design Thinking aligned with my personal philosophy in life and values.

Design thinking is based on:

Collaboration, creativity, and human-centered principles of empathy, collaboration, and embracing uncertainty!

Suddenly, all my “crazy ideas” had structure.

And the projects I was working on at work and with clients, started to get a different response. They were developed, implemented and leaders bought-in saying…

“This is a really fresh approach and is a lot better than how we were thinking to do this.”

When you have Design Thinking in your backpocket, not only will you feel better about your career, you’ll get results.

And if you’re anything like me, you don’t have a lack of ideas… it’s that getting buy-in can stall even your best work.

Your creativity has been misunderstood, undervalued or dismissed…

You’ve been shut down time after time by leaders who don’t get it…


Because after “getting lost” – working in everything from fast startups to The Pentagon, to universities and corporate towers – my crazy experiments slowly morphed into a repeatable success system for People and Talent leaders.

Wandering, experimenting & trying new things is the very reason I’ve created a business and career I ADORE. It’s what empathy & Design Thinking gives you. And it’s never been more fun to implement.

Grab your sticky notes & sharpies…‘cuz your love for people is about to change your future!