Discover 21 inspirational Practices for Human-Centered Leadership

…despite all the data and science-backed evidence that culture-focused companies outperform their peers on the S&P.

If you think that its rediculous (like I do) that we STILL have to validate why culture matters… and are totally frustrated that your projects get sidelined and rerouted a million times, then…


You’ll love how Design Thinking demands RESPECT for HR & Talent Acquisition leaders - more than ever before.

Our community of forward-thinking People & Talent leaders are solving BIG problems at their workplaces through...

 human-centered practices, empathy and Design Thinking methods (and transforming their career opportunities along the way). 

Hi! I'm Vanessa...

The Sticky Note Obessed Founder!

I LOVE building career-changing opportunities for People & Talent leaders taking you from “tool-launching babysitter” to strategic Human-Centered Leader. 


I’ve helped companies improve their people practices and culture at places like:

And working with hundreds of HR & Talent leaders though our tight community of action-takers.

We don’t wait for bigger budgets.

We don’t hope for a team of consultants to come in and “save the company.”

We’re pro-active and we’re rewarded for leading with a sense of purpose. 

I don’t want you to waste another moment trying to convince anyone that your job matters (and that your people skills have strategic value. 

Yah, well I’m terrible at hiding my opinions… 

you can hear more of my thoughts and learn about my journey.

Your job might be “O.K.”…

…but don’t you deserve a



STOP waiting for permission or for your organization to “get it”

LET GO of the need to have all the answers and the pressure to “do it perfect”
BE a leader others admire…

That dream career situation you’ve been hoping for, has a solid, repeatable strategy that I’ve seen work across industries, regardless of how much support you have from leadership.


Find out why how to throw away the “HR manager” label and become a respected Human-Centered Leader. 

So, What’s holding you back?



I can’t get buy-in.

My company is resistant to my ideas and don’t understand what I’m trying to do.





 Everything is moving too fast.


 It’s impossible to get anything done, there’s so many fires to put out.


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