Blog - Why you keep hearing about Design Thinking in HR & What you need to know

Why you keep hearing about Design Thinking in HR... 

The 5 Things You Need to Know Right Now.

The role of HR has changed.

You are being asked to solve much more complex culture and talent challenges, and to do it faster, and showcase bigger results. Design Thinking has become a favorite resource for people and talent acquisition leaders for how it has been a fast and effective way to solve workplace culture challenges.

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Design Thinking positions you as a culture architect, not a process and policy implementor. And that is important, because... 

1. Companies are hiring employee experience designers (not policy and process managers)

There's been a monumental shift in how we understand the role of the employee. Organizations and executives now understand that the employee is also a customer to the company. Employees are a customer base that the company needs to design services and experiences for. 

Design Thinking has long been a loved tool by customer experience teams, and many HR leaders have discovered how it is an effective way transform your role in crafting the employee experience.

79% of Executives

View design thinking as important skillset for HR leaders. - Deloitte Human Capital Trends.

2. Design thinking showcases the value of empathy and your people skills

The foundation of Design Thinking is human-centered design, and essential ingredients are empathy and curiosity about different ways of being. For those who have chosen a career path into people operations, design thinking showcases the value of our innate people skills. 

Human-Centered Leadership skills are in high demand. Due to the influx of data-drivn strategies and AI -- there is pressing need for people who are great with people, than ever before. 

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3. Design thinking changes the perception of HR

The stigma that HR doesn't care about people and only exists to protect the company from a lawsuit, is still alive and well. And so many of us want to put that ugly history behind us and demonstrate what the next generation of HR leadership looks like

Research has shown that the perception of HR changes when they use a co-creation method, like design thinking, and work in collaborative cross-functional teams to build new employee experiences. 

5x more effective

HR that uses design thinking is 5x more effective at improving employee engagement. - Deloitte Human Capital Trends.

4. Design Thinking fuels teams to do great work

Design thinking puts the user at the center of the process and when HR embeds this approach, the employee is are part of the design process. You'll see employee engagement go up because they feel more connected to the processes that directly impact them.

So not only you become more human-centered leader, but you can quickly build better workplace culture through co-creation. 

5. Test for bias and support Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

Diversiy, equity and inclusion experts are actively using design thinking because its a powerful method that improves your workplace culture right away, and also produces solutions that will work for more types of people. Prototyping is part of the design thinking toolkit. When you test the employee programs you build with prototypes (before launching a pilot) you will be able to test for bias, uncover assumptions and be more in tuned to what equitable people programs, actually look like.

37% Increase in Productivity 

Design thinking eliminated redundant processes, improved productivity and resulted in a faster time-to-market - Forrester Research

What you need to know about Design Thinking in HR

Design Thinking improves your career opportunities

You finally get recognized for your empathy + people skills

Companies are looking for HR leaders with design thinking skills 

Design thinking is fun, and it works at solving complex talent callenges.

Let's take the next step. 

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