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Where employee experience professionals become strategic talent leaders — one experiment at a time.

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Making a dent in workplace culture isn’t for the faint of heart... 

You’re on a mission to make organizations more human, design better experiences, and solve some seriously complex people problems… 

But it often feels like you’re the only one who sees the value and impact of what you do. 

At The Workplace Lab, we get it.

The Workplace Lab was founded to help HR, People and Culture Professionals put Design Thinking into practice to solve pressing workplace problems, with a unique blend of… 


To help you generate ideas, create new strategies, and put them into action for rapid feedback and results.


Interact with like-minded culture professionals who understand what you’re up against — and can help you find a way through.


Get the chance to ask my network of culture experts and thought leaders how they’ve solved the problems you’re facing.

I’m Vanessa Shaw, founder of Human Side of Tech & The Workplace Lab — and I believe that when we come together, we can make work better.

When I got my start in workplace culture, I reached out to professionals and asked for advice… but the answers I got were vague and unhelpful (to say the least).  

I tried countless ways to create the impact and career I wanted in culture. It took me over a decade (and a lot of mistakes) to find my groove…  

And I want to make it easier for you to get the support I wish I had access to.

Since I started my culture career in 2005, I’ve worked in a diverse range of roles in the non-profit, government and education sectors...  

I’ve consulted on culture with The United Nations and The White House; living in Spain, London and Mexico while navigating roles in corporate, startups and multinationals…  

Through interactive workshops, live events, and The Workplace Lab, I’ve helped thousands of culture-focused professionals make their organizations more focused on culture.

… and if my experience has shown me anything… It’s that WORK SUCKS for a lot of people. 

Here we are, billions of people, hating our jobs (and that includes those of us who are tasked with making work better). … So how are we going to “fix” work... and help our organizations become more human? Where do we even begin solving a problem so layered and complex? 

The ONLY Design Thinking incubator for professionals working in HR, Talent & Leadership. 

Learn research-backed tools & strategies to make your mark in the workplace — and get the support you need to 

curate your dream career in culture today. (For less than you already spend on your daily latte habit.)

Testimonials From Workplace Lab Members.

"I love the comradery in the group. We’re individually unique but all working to make the workplace a more fulfilling experience and to get the opportunities to do our best in our careers."

— Nadine Shehaiber, Global Talent Strategy at Deloitte

"This Workplace Lab has been very relevant to my work in employee experience. It’s wonderful to be in a community that has some similar values and passions, but with so many different experiences and perspectives.In our calls together we put into practice what we are brainstorming about. It’s real-time trial and implementation. I’ve gotten a lot of value out of the group."

— Imelda Jimenez, Office Manager at SnapFish

"The Workplace Lab has been incredibly valuable and truly helped me in my career. I shared some of my ideas about how to improve culture to senior managers and they loved the ideas. Having the support of the group helped a lot."

– Sarah Schoolcraft, Employee Experience at PhData Inc.

"Vanessa creates a welcoming community that tackles difficult concepts and so that it’s not intimidating at all, it’s a great way to meet other people."